Sunday, 8 February 2009

EGYPTIAN EYE mixed media Purse

The 'eye' has been
a long time favourite motif of mine. A while ago I made a mixed media Blue Eye Brooch. Last week someone contacted me suggesting I make an 'Egyptian Eye'. 'What a great idea', I replied, 'why didn't I think of that'? Ancient Egyptian art and symbolism is fascinating. I visited Egypt a few years ago and will never forget the treasures of Tutankhamun I saw in the Cairo Museum. So I had all the inspiration I needed.

I started off with my cro
chet hook and some traditional colours of ancient Egypt, thinking I would make another brooch. Which I may well do eventually. On this occasion I didn't quite know where to stop and it developed into a freeform shape, which I then tamed into the shape of a purse leaving a space to add the Eye. I also added some gorgeous beads recycled from my collection of thrift shop vintage jewellery. The handstitched lining I cut from a piece of pure silk, which travelled the 2000 miles from England with me in my treasured fabric stash and was originally bought to make a cushion I seem to remember.

The Eye motif I made from wood, moulding paste and paint with a protective shiny lacquer finish. When dry it was permanently attached to the purse.

Dimensions: 6.25" x 4.25" (16cm x 11cm)
Handle: 32" (83cm)  SOLD


  1. Woww! The purse looks gorgeous already! Love the colors and swirl!

  2. I like the purse; those colours are so beautiful, and the eye is very good looking :)

  3. Very impressive - I bet I will have a dream this night where this eye will watch at me :) LOL

  4. Very nicely done! Great work!



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