Thursday, 11 February 2010

Hand knit and crochet bracelet for Spring

This morning Teddy and I went down to the beach and walked the coastal path for an hour or so. She's not too keen on walking in the hills where we normally go, but this morning both she and I seemed energised by the waves crashing on the pebbles and the winter sunshine was doing it's best to cheer us on. We could have gone on for hours .... but the thought of breakfast and studio work called us back.

I've got an overwhelming need to work with Spring in mind. The weather is still low compared with normal and the skies are grey, but I detect a slight raise in temperature as the week goes on. I finished making this hand knit and crochet bracelet today. It makes me think of fresh spring crocus flowers and the wild iris that will be blooming on our mountain quite soon.

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