Saturday, 3 April 2010

Sea glass necklace in blue

I've amassed quite a collection of sea glass from the beach, since I began this new fascination.  My eye is finely tuned now, and I can spot a glint of glass from quite a distance.  The dogs try to help me on our beachcombing expeditions, but so far, are less reliable;) 

I've been working on ways to transform my beach treasure into jewelry.  Here's a delicately pretty Beach Gem crochet pendant in Mediterannean foam blue.  I crocheted a protective basket to support the sea glass and fashioned a necklace, which fastens with a bobble and loop.

I find the white translucent colours are the most common, along with various shades of green, and very occasionally browns and gold.  Lots of lovely possibilities!

Email me for more information, or see my Etsy shop. 

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