Monday, 26 November 2012

Convertible fingerless mittens.

I love receiving custom orders from visitors to my Etsy shop.  Recently someone requested a variation to my regular fingerless mittens so they could convert to cover the whole hand.

Regular fingerless mittens.

The regular mittens allow all your fingers and thumbs to remain uncovered all the time, whilst keeping the rest of your hand and wrist warm and snug.  I use mine when painting outdoors in the winter.  They're also great for driving!

Convertible Fingerless Mitten - front & back.

 My new mitten design means you can keep your hands completely covered, buttoned-up, snug and warm.  Then when fingers are needed for making text messages or holding a mug for example, you simply flip back the finger section and secure with the loop and flower/button to the back.  The thumb section also works both ways.

I'm grateful to the nice lady who ordered these for giving me such a good idea.  I can now custom make a pair for you in any colour you choose.  See my Etsy shop.

Convertible Fingerless Mitten palms - closed.
Convertible Fingerless Mitten backs - closed.

Convertible Fingerless Mitten palms - open
Convertible Fingerless Mitten backs - open

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