Friday, 18 January 2013

Clothes for Amercian Girl doll and other 18 inch dolls

Pompom hat and sweater for 18 inch doll.
I've heard people talk about having a second childhood.  But never given it much thought until now.  It all started before Christmas, when my friend Beverly was making doll clothes as a gift for one of her grandchildren's American Girl doll.  Now the pair of us have are own dolls and are totally hooked.

I got my girl Diamond from some very nice people at  She arrived in a glamorous pink shiny box all wrapped up in tissue paper, complete with birth certificate.  I haven't given her a name yet .... any ideas?

For me, hooked is the operative word, because the first design I've created for 'my girl' is this sassy hand crocheted two-piece outfit, in two colours of yarn; warm pink and purple. The striped hat is topped off with a fun pompom tassle, and the sweater can be buttoned snugly at the collar with a flower motif.

For more information about this outfit you can visit my Etsy shop
And my friend Beverly's creations can be seen at here.

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