Tuesday, 15 January 2013

New Convertible mittens short and sweet.

Convertible mittens by Bonnie Boon.  Backs view, open and closed.
Here's a new convertible mitten design I finished today and added to my Etsy shop. These are shorter at the wrist than my design from a few weeks ago. 

As with the original, they still fasten back with a loop onto a flower-button motif when the finger section is unrequired.  But there's a difference with the way the thumb converts, as it can now be tucked right out of the way inside from the base of the thumb.  Big improvement!  The finger-flap too is made so it now tucks inside without need for a button.

Convertible mittens by Bonnie Boon.  Front view, open and closed.

Convertible mittens by Bonnie Boon.  Front view, closed and open.
 I'll still happily make my original convertible mitten design for people who would like me too.  They are longer than the new design, and wonderful for people who like to keep their fore-arms snug, as well as their hands and wrists.

Convertible mitten arm warmers by Bonnie Boon.  Backs view.

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