Sunday, 28 February 2010

Crochet Big Bead necklace

Time does fly! I've been so engrossed in making pictures with my painting hat on, that I clean forgot to post about my latest one-of-a-kind textile jewelry necklace. As you can see it features large chunky bead shapes, completely hand crocheted in bright Pink, Green, Turquoise, Yellow, Orange, Purple and cool Grey cotton yarns. I made a padded bobble to slip through a loop to fasten. It is light to wear and measures approx 22 inches.(56 cms).

I just love the process of making hand crochet or knitted jewelry in this way. I let it evolve with only the merest plan when I start, and give myself the freedom to let the colours and yarn take me in any direction...pretty much the same way my paintings take shape :)

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